Learn to Fly – A Game for Penguin Lovers

Learn to fly online game is for players who want to see penguin fly. It is about penguin that tries to learn how to fly. Your mission is to purchase special updates and improve your flying skills. Every time you try to fly, you get money which you can use in buying some stuff for your penguin, for instance special engine, wings and others. The more upgrades you purchase, the more powerful your penguin learn to fly 3 will become. This game will entertain you for hours. Learn to fly game does not require you to memorize controls. The arrow buttons are the only controls that you will use. It is best that you look through the in-game instruction to check out the different features of the game.

Learn to fly is an online game created by Max Games. The storyline for this game is simple with the nameless penguin as the main character. The penguin reads an article in Kiwipedia and finds out that penguin don’’t have the capability to fly. Unhappy by the limitation of his body, the penguin starts trying various methods to fly.

The game makes use of the right and left arrow buttons, adjust the angle so the penguin big belly can hit the ocean as this will help you bounce to great distance. The secret is to keep yourself at the right angle so your belly will continue hitting the ocean over and over. After every jump you will get research funds that let you purchase all the perks in between stages. You can reduce air resistance, make penguin learn to increase speed fast before flying and increase ramp height.

Gunblood 2 Fun Shooting Game

Just like the first Gunblood, the Gunblood 2 is a fun and easy shooting game.

All you need to do is to shoot down the targets and play gunblood game try to outsmart them and win the game. Gunblood 2 is a shooting game with a western setting, just like in the Wild West. This is a game with great sound effects as if you are actually in a duel. You need to have great reflexes to defeat your enemies. Aim and shoot intelligently to outsmart your opponent. The game has amazing graphics and outstanding sound effects.

You can choose the character that you want at the start of the game. Then you can start the game and test your skill in shooting and how quick and responsive you are. To shoot your opponent, simply aim at the head or heart of your opponent and fire. You only have 3 seconds to position your gun and aim at your target. Once you kill the opponent, and survive you need to be on the lookout to shoot another opponent. If you don’t have access in the internet you can download the game in your computer. Save the file in your computer and install the game and then enjoy the gameplay anytime in your PC.

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Cheats of Earn to Die

Through cheats a player can easily cross the difficult level. Cheats help a player to play game easily. In ‘ “Earn to Die 2‘ ”, when fuel run out in the middle of the race and you have to cover a large distance then press the key ‘ “C’ ”. By pressing ‘ “C’ ” the empty nitro power will fill up. After that, zoom speedily to reach at destination. Second cheat is for the empty fuel tank.

If your fuel mark starts blinking press the key ‘ “V’ ” to fill the empty fuel tank. With increasing the level of game, the amount of zombies will also increase. So, instead of crushing zombies with car, purchase a gun. If you do not have enough cash in game then press the key ‘ “B’ ”. It allows you to buy guns or bullets.

Unfair Mario Play Online

In the old days, Mario was available to be played only on play station but with the innovation in technology all, the games of Mario especially the unfair Mario are available to be played online. All you have to do is search by play unfair mario typing the name of the game or use the link directly and the game will be available for you to play.

Unfair Mario can be regarded as a PC rated game that people love to play around the globe. It is designed in a special way to get to your nerves so that you want to win every level of the game in each possible way.

The game has no rivals but to play the part of rivals there are many hidden traps that will take your life if you are caught in them. The main goal of the game is to win the final flag but you have to save yourself from all the hidden traps in the game.


Welcome to the home of the Java VGA-planets Client (JVC). JVC is a Java based client for the PBEM game VGA-Planets 3, created by Tim Wisseman.

JVC is a powerful tool for playing your games wimbledon 2016 live on your favorite platform, Linux, Windows, MacIntosh.

This client will honor Tim Wisseman registrations for VGA-Planets. That is, to use this client and play registrered in a VGA-Planets game, you will have to have your registrered copy of either planets.exe, or winplan.exe in your VGA-Planets directory, acting like key files.

JVC includes an open API for programmers roland garros live. This API allows to make all kind of client side tools which will reside inside the client.

JVC is freeware.

Requires Java 1.4